Understand your current internal sensory capability - without spending a cent - and identify the roadblocks slowing your organisations journey to sensory superiority.

Companies with limited internal sensory research capabilities are forced to spend a small fortune each time they need market research, struggle to monitoring product quality in the factory and waste time not being able to make NPD decisions.

To save money and reclaim big chunks of time companies can now consider bringing most of these sensory research and quality monitoring functions back in-house.

The Sensory Capability Audit is the logical first step.

This audit deep dives into the current capability of the organisation, it’s day to day activities and the scope for growing its product assessment capability. The audit takes into account the unique challenges and limitations facing the business, and recommends the resources and expertise required to implement a bespoke program.

The Sensory Capability Audit interrogates the 5 dimensions of sensory excellence (People, Protocol, Performance, Pain Points & Potential) to report on actionable recommendations that will help grow the internal product testing over time.

To schedule an audit, or simply learn more, click the button below and complete the form and hit submit. It’s really that simple.