Sensory Research


Radar Insight is an experienced sensory research agency that helps brands understand, optimise, and launch products that genuinely resonate with consumers.

Sensory Research links your newly developed product with the expectations of your consumer. Get this link right, it’s a massive step toward a successful launch; get it wrong, and the market will quickly play judge and jury.

Based in Melbourne, Radar Insight uses traditional and modern, rapid testing methodologies to uncover the insights your product needs before you launch.


"Will consumers notice a difference between our new product and our current one?"

 Product Matching via Difference Testing

Product Matching

Health initiatives and cost saving projects demand that silent product changes be made to your products in-market. If these changes are detected by consumers, your market share is at risk.

Smart companies continuously trial, validate and roll out these silent changes - relying on fast and simple sensory difference testing to confirm Go or No Go.

Trust me, no one wants another Barbecue Shapes incident on their hands....

Discover if your intended identical products really are the same.

"How can I be guided by our target consumer as we work towards delivering this new product?"

 Product Development via Rapid Profiling

Product Improvement

With so many competitors on shelf competing for space in the shopping trolley, ensuring your product is tailored to meet the needs of your consumer is more important than ever.

Your product developers have the ability to deliver great products, but if you don't check in with your target market, you could easily miss the mark.

Product Improvement reseach takes the best parts of trained sensory panel and combines this with the real world feed back only consumers can provide.

Don't risk not knowing about your next new product.

"Can I show that my product is better than my competitors currently in market?"

 Product Comparison in preference testing

Product Comparison

No one wants to deliver the second best product to market. And the only thing that'll attract customers and consumers to your product is if you promise them it will be better than what they currently use.

When you know you have a great product, the sales job is easier, the marketing is easier, and everyones confidence is higher. 

So before you launch, why not take the time to ask your consumers what they think? If they love it, it'll give you confidence, if they don't, you can take action.

Go to market with confidence.