Radar Insight has selected the most useful sensory testing methods for Marketers, Innovators and Product Developers. They have been streamlined to deliver you the answers you need quicker than ever. Our most popular services include:


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NPD & Innovation Evaluation Methods

Many NPD programs use a Stage and Gate style process, and wait until the very end before seeking consumer feedback. Radar Insight’s innovation testing methods are fast and flexible, allowing you to incorporate the Voice of Consumers early and often into your process - increasing the likelihood that you deliver a successful product.


Understand Exisiting Products

Cost Savings, Ingredient Replacement, and Process Efficiency projects are standard in today’s food industry. Validating these changes will go unnoticed by consumers is paramount, as delivering an unexpected product change to unsuspecting consumers is a fast way to lose market share.


Hear the Voice of Consumers

Consumer acceptance is the final hurdle before product launch. If you have done your job right through the process, this is a cinch. Having consumers evaluate your product before launch can motivate the entire organisation to support the launch of the newest product, and delivers key insights that can be leveraged within marketing campaigns.


Monitoring Product Quality

Once you have a product in market, you need consumers need to keep purchasing it. Delivering consistent quality means consumers never have a reason to look for alternatives. Two key aspects of product quality that need to be considered:

  1. Stability Testing - the product quality needs to delights consumers, whether they have your product on the first or last day of its allocated shelf life

  2. Quality Monitoring - product quality must remain consistent, every batch bound for market should meet a set of quality parameters. Only by measuring the quality of you products can you ever hope to improve it.


Tools for Consumer Insights

Sensory teams have long been strategic allies with the Consumer Insights departments. Insights teams understand the people eating the product; Sensory teams understand the product eaten by the people.

Radar Insight understands the synergies at play and works closely to provide product insights for all stakeholders, driving projects forward.


Workshops & Training

Training and exposure to Tasting and Sensory experiences is an essential part of any marketer, innovator or product developer in food industry. Training programs by Radar Insight focus on organisation-wide alignment when describing products.

It’s not a simple to get everyone speaking the same language, but when they do, it’s effective.

Sensory Capability Audit

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Without spending a cent, identify product testing limitations or sensory research capability gaps at your company.

Each audit report comes with a list of recommendations, allowing and empowering you to take action.

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Access basic sensory research, support and testing methodologies for your organisation.

The Essentials allow you to to monitor & improve your most important products with minimal fuss!

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When sensory superiority matters to your products, Advanced sensory support is a must.

Advanced support unlocks the next level of sensory capability, with methods that are usually only available to giants of the industry.

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