Hamilton Grant

Hamilton Grant is powerful Product Development Software

(but periodically needs some TLC)

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Radar Insight helps organisations use Hamilton Grant to wrangle product data back under control, update templates, configure new reports & train users.

Hamilton Grant holds the single point of truth for many of Australia's largest food manufacturers, and all would agreed that this product data is an important asset.

However, many organisations persist with:

  • outdated spreadsheets

  • disorganised records and folders

  • numerous sources of truth, and

  • manually updating specifications.

Why? Because they simply because they don't have the time, expertise or even know where to begin the daunting task of cleansing data.

But don't worry, Radar Insight can help you through this.

By the time we are done, your product data will be accurate, stored in a single location and your business will be able to function more effectively:

  • Manufacturing will clearly know what they are making

  • Marketing & Sales will communicate only current data to customers

  • Consumer product enquiries will be dealt with accurately

  • And your R&D team will spend less time answering queries