Most organisations don’t need the whole kit-and-kaboodle of sensory research from Day 1. The Essentials empower organisations with a robust sensory capability (minus the headaches of recruiting staff).

The experience and guidance of Radar Insight ensures you consider all your options and select the best path to achieve your objectives.


Projects? Managed

Once the project has been briefed, sit back, relax and let the research happen without lifting a finger. 


The Big Picture

Each project incorporates a helicopter view to maintain alignment across your products.


Make Better Decisions

Use real data to drive decisions; 'guesswork' and 'hoping' are outdated methodologies.


Faster Starts

You don’t have time to waste, neither do we. Our projects are fast starting, getting you results sooner.


Support, Not Staff

Our support doesn't add to headcount, meaning you get more done, without bothering HR.


Any Size, Any Prize

The Essentials can be shared across products, brands or teams within an organisation. Your call.