Radar Insight has two levels of support and services available. Once you know the sensory research capability your organisation requires, request a quote and we'll tailor a program to your budget and needs.


For teams requiring occasional  sensory support

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For organisations who demand sensory superiority

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NPD & Innovation evaluation methods

Rapid profiling
Concept testing

Understanding exisiting products

Triangle test
Tetrad test
A, not A test
Descriptive Analysis Panels
QDA Panel training
Sensory Spectrum Panel training

Hearing the Voice of Consumers

Internal Preference testing
60/40 Preference testing
Central Location testing
Home Usage testing

Monitoring product quality

Pass or Fail testing
Difference from control
Stability testing (Shelf life)
Quality release panel training

Tools for Consumer Insights

Better survey design
Effective round table tastings
Target market assessment
Competitor analysis
Robust category reviews

Workshops & Training

Introduction to Sensory Analysis
Taste Talk - Sensory 101
Understanding Scaling
Assessing Product Quality
Identifying Key Sensory Attributes
Sensory Best Practices


Access to 10+ years industry experience
International and domestic projects
Knowledge of NPD & Stage Gate processes
Outputs delivered in full and on time
Minimum Frequency of contact
Enquiry response time
BYO Methodology

48 hours

24 hours