Who, in the food industry, is your products toughest critic?

The Quality Manager? The Marketing Director? The CEO?

Perhaps the toughest critic of your products would be your loyal, repeat consumer. Over time they have become so attuned to your product that they can detect even the slightest change. They are the first to complain should they notice any variation to product or packaging. (Some claim even to be able to detect batch to batch variation).

We know that change is necessary to survive in this industry. We need to continue to reduce costs, increase nutritional value and alter processes to innovate, rotate and deliver FMCG products.

So how can you keep your critics happy but still complete product changes?

By testing, reformulating and retesting to ensure that silent changes really are silent changes.

There are a number of sensory evaluation methods available to statistically validate a silent change or determine where the differences are being detected. These tests are usually quick, cost effective and can give your sales team confidence that loyal consumers will remain satisfied.

By making it your objective not to disrupt your loyal consumers, everyone benefits.