Could food innovation benefit from a Lean Start Up approach?

Over the recent break, I went for a drive. And not a short drive either. I drove to Perth. It took 38 hours in the drivers seat to cover just over 3600km. Needless to say there was some time to kill.

I had prepared for this trip by downloading an audiobook called The Lean Start Up, by Eric Rimes. This book outlines the steps start-ups need to take to become more innovative,  stop wasting peoples time and be more successful.



I recently promised myself to write more, and one way to do this is to share learnings from thing I read, work that I am involved in or observations of the industry. I hope to provide some gems of information, food for thought and thought for food. I allow myself no more than 20 minutes to write each post and no more than 10 minutes to edit and rephrase before I post.

So, follow along as I see how appropriate a Lean Start Up approach is for todays food industry!