Spike - perfect for shooting food commercials.

Ever wondered how food commercials capture the magical images of two tomatoes smashing into each other, the slow motion splash made by a hazelnut being dropped into a pool of chocolate or the speeding cork as it ejects from a bottle of champagne?

The answer is simple - precision, repitition, robotics and a high speed camera named Spike.

The Marmalade is a creative agency based in Hamburg, Germany who specialise in high end special effects for commercials. They have put this short video together to show how they shoot their commercials and when I stumble across it, I knew it would be worth sharing with anyone who appreciates food.

The Marmalde - Spike and High Speed Food Photography [VIDEO - 6 mins]

This team spend hours building rigs and robots that can consistently pour in, pour out, flick, splash or spin food products and props. All this work is done to capture on film a fraction of second of action on high speed camera.

Once the desired motion of the food has been achieved (flinging together two tomatoes), a highly maneuverable, high speed camera - 1000 frames per second - nicknamed Spike is programmed to record the exact moment of impact, splash or shatter or swiftly move down the glass as the beer is poured. This split second of action, slowed down ten times displays an artistic angle on everyday food and beverages that you wouldn't even realised occurs.

For a new perspective on food photography and cinematography and the advances being made by some of the leading companies in the world, have a look at the Marmalade's high speed photography video:

The Marmalde - Spike and High Speed Food Photography

And for more examples of their work be sure to check out their gallery.


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