How Many Countries Does It Take To Produce A Single Jar Of Nutella?

My first realisation that Nutella was a global brand was in 2008, when I was looking for a snack to take on the next leg of the Trans Siberian Railway. I was in a supermarket in Mongolia, and Nutella was the only recognisable brand on the supermarket shelf.

Recently the OECD have compiled a report to look at mapping the global food chain. I have included some excerpts here to show how global Nutella really is - and I was nicely surprised.



Ferrero International manufactures about 250 000 tons of Nutella each year and this is sold in 75 countries.  With it's headquarters in Italy, there are nine production locations, five in Europe, two in South America, and one in Russia, North America, and Australia.

They don't muck around when it comes to supplying ingredients either, with the largest components being globally supplied:

  • - hazelnuts from Turkey,

  • - palm oil from Malaysia,

  • - cocoa from Nigeria,

  • - sugar mainly from Brazil (but also from Europe) and finally

  • - vanilla flavour from China (the manufacturer of vanillin is a French company).

My question is, how do they manage to achieve the same flavour profile from country to country? I am off to find out and will report back here when I know!

Full Report by the OECD on Mapping Global Food Chains: