Food Technology: Presidential home brew

When he is not leading the free world or campaigning for re-election, the President of the United States of America likes to dust off his home brewing kit and (with extensive help from his kitchen staff) make two very special White House beers - White House Honey Porter and White House Honey Ale.

The presidential formulation originated from a local Washington brewmaster and is tweaked by the White House kitchen staff, even incorporating tips from other staffers at the White House who home brew for a hobby.

Most home brewers have their own secret ingredient that they swear by, however the White House happily shares their unique ingredient - honey. But you'll never get your hands on this particular type, the beehives where the honey is collected sit on the pristine White House South Lawn, guarded 24 hours per day by the United States Secret Service.

To see the 7 week presidential brewing process reduced to a 4 minute YouTube clip, follow the linkĀ here.

And for a copy of the the recipes, I have them postedĀ here.