50 ways to please Adria

Nathan Myhrvold prepares & serves a fifty course meal for Ferran Adria — including salted red wine.

A great food story popped up in my twitter feed (from @annet_hoek) this morning from the New York Times. Dwight Garner’s article The End of Cuisine re-inspired a new sense of wonder in food and the innovation and creativity that is possible.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to share this article and highlight some of my favourite examples. Even the pictures were a delight to browse through.

Nathan Myhrvold, retired Microsoft R&D guru, inventor and creator of on of the worlds most technically-directive cookbooks had invited, invented and served 50 courses to arguably the best chef in the world, Ferran Adria.

The meal was structured using a the most innovative cooking techniques (including laser cut tortillas, cryo-shucked lobster and centrifuged pea juice) across nine categories:
- Cocktails and Snacks
- Mexico
- Vegetables
- Asia
- France
- Italy
- America
- Cheese
- Dessert

Take the time to read the article, and roll your mouse pointer over the images for a short description of the food and the process used to prepare it.

New York Times: The End of Cuisine by Dwight Garner (@DwightGarner)