Hamilton Grant - more than just a useful tool for product developers.

Change is the only constant in the Australian Food Industry. Customers expect more data to drive their decisions, and consumers are demanding greater access as well.

Perhaps it’s time your organisation realised that Hamilton Grant holds the data your customers and consumers are seeking, and can be leveraged to be more than just a useful Research & Development tool.

Radar Insight has authored a white paper detailing innovative ways to leverage the Hamilton Grant software. These observations were uncovered during a deployment as Hamilton Grant System Administrator with one of Australia's largest Food and Beverage manufacturers. You can access the complete Hamilton Grant White Paper (PDF) by clicking any of the images below.

For 25 years Hamilton Grant has been the most recognisable name in Recipe Development and Product Data Management software. Many product developers in Australia’s largest food and beverage manufacturers rely on Hamilton Grant to retain the Business As Usual (BAU) product data. This includes, but by no means limited to:

  • maintaining current recipe formulations and Australian % Content labelling

  • producing Finished Good specifications

  • controlling Raw Material documentation, and

  • preparing Nutritional Information Panels and compliant product artwork.

All of this BAU work happens while labelling laws change, new intolerances and allergens require tracking and NPD timelines are reduced. 

Product developers constantly find themselves at the mercy of this ongoing change and work harder and harder just to keep up.

And just keeping up is no cakewalk, it requires constant attention to detail, planning and time consuming precision. Product Developers need systems that will enable them to work smarter to meet project deadlines, streamline the creation and sharing of relevant data with multiple stakeholders and automate repetitive tasks.

This is where Hamilton Grant can help.

When accurately configured, the BAU is simplified. A single version of the truth is stored in a central location. Reports properly satisfy requestors. Product data can be leveraged by the whole business, without interrupting the Product Developer. Leaving them with more time to do the work that needs to be done.

The Hamilton Grant White Paper by Radar Insight covers the following topics:

  • Maintaining a Single Point of Truth (SPOT)

  • Adopting Meaningful Naming Conventions

  • Populating the GS1 National Product Catalogue

  • Becoming a customer of your own data

  • Accurately calculating your Australian Content Percentage

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