Hi. Welcome to the Morsels blog!

My name is Kevin O’Reilly and I am the director of Radar Insight, a taste testing & sensory evaluation business servicing the Australian food industry. I am the handsome chap over there on the right. I love a good Melbourne coffee and can’t go past a country bakery that sells vanilla slice. In business hours I provide solutions to food and beverage companies to help them create brilliant tasting products. I do this by:
  • demystifying product flavour profiles
  • conducting product preference testing
  • assessing the impact of new ingredients and
  • running training sessions to help people use their senses.
The Morsels blog is dedicated to all things food and beverages –
  • taste and flavour
  • unique product reviews
  • the science and technology behind food and beverages
  • tales of manufacturing
  • different testing methods
  • examples of good (and not so good) marketing of food
  • tips on how to talk about food
  • ingredient innovations
  • food photography, and of course
  • the fun to be had with food.
Morsels will be a space for sharing my experience and expertise and also sharing views of other movers and shakers in the industry. The Morsels posts will vary from in depth product reviews, to a few paragraphs featuring industry news or sensory evaluation techniques. Other days it might be something as simple as a light hearted video or a gallery of tasty food photography to inspire you!. Be sure to check out the Giant Snacks category. This vault will contain photo essays of work I have done with a team of designers and food scientist to create giant snacks as presents for friends, be sure to check it out. Feedback: While the opinions expressed here are my own, feel free to leave any comments or share experiences you may have. If you don’t agree with a post please offer your alternate opinion for all to read. For more details, please see my post outlining the comments policy for Morsels. Like what you have read?  Subscribe to this blog via Email, Twitter or Facebook and recieve an alert when a new Morsel is added. Want to contact Radar Insight directly? If you have any question, need more details or want to discuss a specific problem, use the Contact page on the Radar Insight webpage to get in touch.
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