18 Insane Food Challenges

11 Pound PizzaThis man is about to attempt to eat a 5kg pizza. It costs $50 and would easily feed a family. In a tag team-effort, with one other person, the challenge is to finish the pizza within an hour. If successful they will take home $250.

If pizza isn’t your thing, perhaps the KIDZ breakfast might be more appealing (named because it weighs as much as a small kid), or a 2kg steak complete with bread roll, shrimp cocktail and salad. There is even a ‘ladies only’ challenges – consume a 3kg buritto in one hour and receive free food for life!

This list of 18 Insane Food Challenges popped up in my Twitter stream (@radarinsight) and I felt compelled to share it. I don’t know why people undertake these challenges, but I am impressed that kitchens still offer these gargantuan serves for those willing to test themselves.

Click for the full list of 18 Insane Food Challenges
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